EFoodPrint ENV

eFoodPrint ENV is an online calculator to obtain environmental sustainability indicators such as water and carbon footprints.

Uses calculation methods validated by certifying authorities (DNVGL and KIWA), in accordance with WaterFootPrint Network for water footprint, and PAS2050 and ISO 14067 for carbon footprint. eFoodPrint ENV is suitable for the vast majority of agricultural products (fruit, vineyards, large-scale farming, greenhouse farming, etc.) and is applicable on a global scale.

The information provided is critical in order to optimise management of resources (water, energy, fertilizers, etc.) and to improve environmental and economic efficiency of agricultural products.

The indicators provided by eFoodPrint can be used to demonstrate compliance of different international quality standards in specific areas such as environmental sustainability, use of irrigation water and fertilisers.

These results can be certified by accredited certifying bodies.

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