Enables the recording of field information and facilitates communication between technicians and producers to comply with standards such as GLOBALGAP, integrated production, and organic production. Suitable for all types of crops and can be linked to any kind of central ERP.

eFoodPrint-Hesperides has taken over 15 years to develop and has more than 5,000 users.

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eFoodPrint ENV

Provides environmental sustainability indicators (water footprint, carbon footprint, water efficiency) and productive costs.

Validated by KIWA and DNVGL (certification bodies for water and carbon footprints), in accordance with WFN (Water FootPrint Network) and PAS2050 methodologies.

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Consultancy / Development

For the evaluation and improvement of environmental sustainability. We propose action to improve environmental and economic sustainability. We also create personalised software, custom-adapted to the needs of the client. We create environmental sustainability improvement plans for agrifood products.

From the beginning we have participated in development projects for private and public entities, whether is has been as private consultants or within frameworks for national and European R&D projects.

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