Big Data technology increases every day its applications and its value in multiple sectors, such as e-commerce, banking, energy sector, with the aim of modeling patterns of user behavior, segmenting customers, predicting defaults, etc etc …

In agriculture, although perhaps at a slower pace than desired, leading companies and teams are already using Big Data solutions to improve their decisions. They are using DSS (Decision Support Systems) based on Big Data for viticulture and horticulture (and agriculture in general) that generate added value to technicians and managers of the agricultural sector thanks to anticipating information on critical variables such as volumes or maturation of productions. Reducing the uncertainty of what will happen is undoubtedly an excellent way to improve decision making in any type of crop.

With the aim of democratizing and bringing Big Data technology to our sector, the agricultural sector, we co-organize with the International University of Catalonia – UIC- an online seminar entitled “Big Data for viticulture and horticulture” (with Carlos Cosials, Director of the Executive Master in Big Data Science of the UIC) to present more about Big Data and the prediction models applied to viticulture and agriculture. The webinar will be next Tuesday February 26 at 5:00 p.m. You can register here.

We will explain what Big Data is, what data sources are used and how a prediction model works. We will also teach practical cases of companies that already apply Big Data in their decision making and lead the innovation of data in agriculture.

Thus, the webinar index “Big Data in viticulture and horticulture” is as follows:

1- Big Data / Machine Learning Vs classic statistics
2- Successful applications of big data in industries
3- Opendata and other Data Banks that can add value in agriculture
4- Challenges in agriculture approachable with Big Data (predictions qualitative parameters, predictions of harvest, predictions of pests / diseases …)
5 – Success stories in viticulture and fruit growing.
6- Conclusions

In summary, we want to explain to you what Big Data technology is contributing to agriculture and why leading companies are already investing in Big Data solutions. You can register here.

How to advance, you can see in this link the testimony of several clients who already apply prediction models to improve their decision making.

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