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eFoodPrint ENV is a service to evaluate, improve and comunicate the environmental sustainability of agricultural products

eFoodPrint ENV is a service to evaluate, improve and comunicate the environmental sustainability of agricultural products

Supermarkets and consumers increasingly demand to know what kind of environmental actions the productive sector performs to improve the environmental sustainability of agricultural production. Evaluating, improving and communicating actions in environmental sustainability becomes a simpler task with the use of a professional tool such as eFoodPrint ENV.

Knowing what type of data is necessary to carry out an environmental sustainability assessment is simplified with the agronomic inventory used by eFoodPrint ENV. In this way, it is possible to save costs and time to calculate these indicators according to certifiable regulations.

Getting to position a brand or an organization and communicate these values ​​to supermarkets and consumers is easier and faster with eFoodPrint ENV. This environmental sustainability assessment software allows easy communication of resilience actions to carbon emissions and the sustainable use of water.

The eFoodPrint ENV software began to be developed in 2010 in the AGA Research Group of the Rovira i Virgili University in Tarragona to facilitate the calculation of sustainability indicators – water footprint and carbon footprint – in agriculture.

eFoodPrint launches in 2017 a new version of the software with the collaboration and scientific support of IRTA in Catalonia. In this new version, eFoodPrint ENV adds the calculation of water footprint according to ISO 14067 and in carbon footprint according to ISO14046.


eFoodPrint ENV uses calculation methods validated by certifying authorities (DNVGL and KIWA), in accordance with WaterFootPrint Network for water footprint, and PAS2050 and ISO 14067 for carbon footprint. eFoodPrint ENV is suitable for the vast majority of agricultural products (fruit, vineyards, large-scale farming, greenhouse farming, etc.) and is applicable on a global scale.

Through the eFoodPrint ENV software, designed exclusively for agriculture, our clients have obtained more than 2,000 product evaluations in water footprint and carbon footprint of agricultural products.

eFoodPrint ENV is adapted to the vast majority of agricultural products (fruit trees, vineyards, extensive crops, greenhouses, etc.) and is applicable worldwide.

The information provided is critical in order to optimise management of resources (water, energy, fertilizers, etc.) and to improve environmental and economic efficiency of agricultural products.

The indicators provided by eFoodPrint can be used to demonstrate compliance of different international quality standards in specific areas such as environmental sustainability, use of irrigation water and fertilisers. These results can be certified by accredited certifying bodies.

Examples of clients committed to environmental sustainability and who have already calculated the water footprint or carbon footprint of their agricultural production:

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