In the past month of February the entrance of eFoodPrint was formalized in the ESAGUA network, communication platform led by Cetaqua, Water FootPrint Network and Aenor, which aims to disseminate the actions and commitment of companies in the area of ​​the footprint water or footprint and environmental sustainability.

From eFoodPrint we believe that the contribution of this communication platform will help to increase the dissemination and impact of the actions carried out by our clients to position themselves in values ​​such as environmental sustainability and commitment to the water footprint.

Although it already exists, there is an important group of leading companies in the agricultural sector that evaluate and undertake actions to improve environmental sustainability, which already contributes to an improvement of the brand reputation and to an improvement in the production processes, there is still a great opportunity and work to be done regarding the disclosure of this environmental commitment.

Without any doubt, the communication and the digital technologies allow of affordable way that any company of the agricultural sector (without concerning the size or the budget) can give visibility to the actions undertaken in the matter of responsibility and commitment with the environmental sustainability and indicators how the water footprint.

From our point of view, we believe that positioning ourselves in favor of sustainability is not only a strategy to be promoted by individual companies, but also represents an opportunity for the entire agricultural sector to project the image of environmental respect and commitment that really treasures .

Getting the supermarket or food chain and that the consumer recognizes the commitment of the agricultural sector to environmental sustainability and good use of resources is not only a task of the production or quality department, it is also a message that involves the work of the areas of communication, marketing and commercial.

Here the interview with Albert Duaigües

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