We invite you to a new online seminar that we have organized from eFoodPrint for next Thursday, March 22 at 4:00 p.m.

This time we will talk about the new version of eFoodPrint ENV 2.0, the reference software in the calculation of indicators of environmental sustainability in the agricultural sector.

This new version, developed with the participation of IRTA, has considerable innovations that we will explain in this webinar. Specifically we will inform you about:

✔ The new version 2.0 allows to calculate hydroponic and greenhouse crops

✔ How to obtain results with methodologies of ISO 14046 and ISO 14067 for water footprint and carbon footprint of agricultural product.

✔ The new module with mitigation recommendations to reduce fingerprints

✔ Incorporates the Eutrophization calculation

✔ Incorporates the AWARE indicator -Available Water Remaining- from WULCA


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