During these weeks the eFoodPrint team is conducting the online course with the Foundation International Center for Underground Hydrology (FCIHS), a non-profit institution of a university nature, is the result of the evolution of the International Course on Underground Hydrology (CIHS).

The online course is about “The evaluation of the water footprint. Application based on ISO 14 046: 2014 and Water Footprint Network (WFN) “, of continuous training in collaboration with the Botín Foundation, Water Footprint Network and Good Stuff International.
Being part of the materials prepared for the Water Footprint course of the Manos al Agua Program, financed by the National Federation of Coffee Growers and managed by the CEDDET Foundation.
New trends in environmental matters require that companies and public institutions are aware of their impacts on the hydrological cycle. This situation requires specific training that enables technicians to analyze the water footprint at its different levels.

At eFoodPrint we are very aware, and for this reason we dedicate all our efforts to work, develop and evolve the eFoodPrint ENV software, our on-line calculator to obtain indicators of environmental sustainability such as water footprint and carbon footprint, which we have recently evolved, with the collaboration of IRTA, to its version 2.0.

The purpose of the course is to provide the knowledge and tools necessary for the evaluation of the water footprint indicator in terms of quantity and quality of water based on international regulations in various contexts, with emphasis on
the groundwater component, as well as understanding how it can contribute to a sustainable use of water in public policies and corporate sustainability strategies.

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