The company Globaltechagro, are one of the many clients of eFoodPrint that use Hesperides software, the online agronomic platform for all types of crops that allows the integration with ERP’s of storage and other data sources (agroclimatic stations, data-loggers, etc. .).


Juan Vázquez tells us what it is like to work with Hesperides in this interview:

1.-Hi Juan, you can explain to us who you are and what kind of services you offer to your clients.

I work for Global Tech Agro, and we are a company that is dedicated to consulting and advice for the agricultural sector.
We offer different services such as Consulting and advice, as well as the implementation of agricultural quality systems. Irrigation and temperature monitoring systems and frost control systems.

2.- In what area and with what crops do you work?

We work in the Murcia area, Alicante, Albacete. The crops are fruit of bone, almond, olive, table grape and also citrus

3.- When and why did you start using Hesperides?

Three years ago I started using Hesperides software.

Due to the demands of field notebooks and quality standards, I needed to have a system that would allow me to have all the data together and also be easy to consult.

4.- What are the main benefits of working with this software?

The main advantages of a software like Hesperides, are the time you save and the order that supposes having everything in a single space.

5.-Could you quantify them in numbers? More than 40% of the time spent in administration.

6.- What has been the experience of working with the eFoodPrint team?

Very good, it is interesting to work with companies that listen to your demands and give you their point of view, many times you even learn and improve your own work system.




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