In eFoodPrint Services, S.L., we have decided to become members of the Linking Environment and Farming organization (LEAF) as Advisors and Consultants in order to do our bit and continue working to achieve a more sustainable agrarian model.

The vision of LEAF is a world where we produce, eat and live in the most sustainable way possible.

Supporting Leaf Sign Given the challenges of the agricultural sector to supply the present and future population in a sustainable manner, finding and implementing innovative solutions requires the joint work of all. We must start with the producers, sellers, researchers and other organizations, and that is why we also want to be part of this great project for the future.

Work with producers, food industry, researchers and consumers to inspire and encourage sustainable agricultural production.
We want to help LEAF inspire and favor sustainable agricultural productions, working closely with producers, providing them with tools and services to achieve a more sustainable and resilient agri-food production chain.


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